Nature, to Be Commanded, Must Be Obeyed


AbsoluteTD is a tower defense game, inspired by GemCraft and Desktop Tower Defense. I decided to go 3D first time with this game. Assets are created in Blender and imported to Godot.

Currently this game a prototype, so please expect lack of fun and crashes.


22 September 2020 — Game Mechanics

  • Added gold & health resources. Each tower costs gold, each enemy killed earns gold. Each enemy reaching the exit portal decreases health by one.
  • Enemies come in waves now.
  • New goblin model, but it just hover over the map in T-pose for now.
  • You can now place towers if you have enough gold and also if the new tower won't block the path to exit portal.
  • Implemented basic camera movement. Use mouse wheel or F & R keys to zoom, W, A, S, D or arrow keys to pan.

8 September 2020 — First release, more of a tech demo than a game

  • Created a couple of models. They look okay but probable I will have to rework them later.
  • Basic enemy pathfinding. Navigation data needs to get updated as new towers are placed, so I was not able to use navmesh feature of Godot. When Godot 4 is released I think it will have navmeshes that can be generated in runtime.
  • You can place towers, but be careful it can crash the game when the new tower prohibits navigation. Later placing towers to these incorrect locations will not be allowed.


You can download the game for free on Itch.

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