Atamert Ölçgen

3D Artist & Software Developer

Soldier & Scholar

Demon Gate Game Concept

This is an imaginary FPS game I made up to design some things around. Repeating; this is not a real game.

To supplement my 3D work, I felt the need to improve my 2D skills, mainly for quick sketches. Admittedly I was a bit carried away rendering these but I enjoyed that process, so it is okay.


This is the player controllable character in the game. Player can give commands to his companion NPCs, but he has no direct control over them.

There are two loadouts for this character, rifle + handgun or grenade launcher + SMG.

The armband computer is for providing sort of a diegetic UI, but also to give commands to another robotic companion NPC.


Scholar is a companion NPC, but he can be thought of as the main protagonist of this story. This mysterious character is tasked with closing the demon gates. He doesn't carry weapons but he is not entirely defenseless against the demons.

See also Soldier & Scholar.

Soldier Sketch

Scholar Sketch