Atamert Ölçgen

3D Artist & Software Developer

Desert Base

In my previous desert-themed project I had used an aerial view. I wanted to do another environment with an eye-level camera composition. I started with a simple building, an entrance for an underground base. Then I added the dunes around it. Since it's a desert I didn't need many elements.

I created this lamppost thing and at some point thought I might make an animated something. But then I decided to conclude this with a still image. You can see here the middle section of the piston is of the same material as the top part, but in the final render it looks wrong.

I used blender to paint and bake the materials. Sadly Bystedts Blender Baker is not working with newer versions of Blender. So I had to set things up manually for the bake, both on the material side and also by using an exploded model.

I hope you like this. Critics and comments are, as always, welcome.

Bunker Door Wireframe