Atamert Ölçgen

3D Artist & Software Developer

Sci-Fi Landscape Painting

Digital painting done entirely in Krita. I am still learning how to use the tools, so I did not quite finish it. But I think I have figured out how to use layers and blending modes effectively. You can see my layer structure below:


For each logical part I used a base color layer (normal, alpha locked), a shadows layer (white filled, multiply, inherit alpha), a highlights layer (black filled, screen, inherit alpha) and the rest on top these. In some parts I used a gradient map filter layer, in other part I used just a normal paint layer with overlay blending mode for colors. I think, more or less, I get how this workflow works.


I also practiced painting in shapes. Mountain image below was not further blended in the final image. If I tried to create soft edges here, I would probably mess things up. This corresponds, more or less, to the 3D shape I had in mind so I am happy with it.

mountain shapes

The building has a similar design to Research Station.