Atamert Ölçgen

3D Artist & Software Developer

Guild House

I have built a 3D scene from one of Oixxo's drawings. Everything is done in Blender and rendered using Eevee. You can find the concept here.

To create rock bricks (entrance & chimneys) I have created a 2D profile, beveled some inner edges, deleted resulting faces, then applied solidify and bevel modifiers. Of course bricks that make up the entrance needed a second pass in the 3rd dimention, this was also mostly the same process.

Chimney model

Pretty much every texture in the scene is procedural. For example I have used object coordinates and object origin rotation to create the wood shader. It falls apart in a few places but not very noticeably.

I have used geommetry nodes for the grass, bushes & trees. It is quite limited (as of Blender version 2.92) but I am looking forward to using this feature more.

Here is a camera wobble animation of the same scene:

I made a collage of work-in-progess images:

You can find the music used in the video here.