Atamert Ölçgen

3D Artist & Software Developer

Chest Studies

Hard-surface modelling exercises.

As part of this exercise, first I worked on Basic Chest. There is nothing fancy about it. Everything was done in Blender.

Then I moved on to Chest #2. I created locking mechanism but did not have the time to export it with animation. I have also spend a little more time in texturing to add some wear and tear. I used Quick Edit functionality a lot. It is such a powerful feature, but I guess it requires some experience to get good results in the final texture. Modelling was done in Blender, texture painting was mostly done in Krita.

After these two mini projects, I started working on Cryopod. I have built a high-poly model with procedural textures and baked them on a low-poly version. Sculpting the folds and creases on the leather part was especially satisfying. I wish I had the time to model and animate the mechanisms that open the panels. Everything was done in Blender.

Click on the play button below to see the cryopod open and close.

Although I am not particularly impressed with the results, these exercises thought me a lot about modelling tools in Blender. I learned a lot on topology theory as well.